Author, Racer, Gentlemen Adventurer

Welcome to where you can enjoy some of the many samplings of humor column writer and published novelist Rob Krider right here on the story archives page.

Cadet Blues Cover

Here you can find links to: his Man Overboard humor column at the Santa Maria Sun (where he has been telling hilarious tales about life in the suburbs for over fifteen years), his Toolshed Engineer column for SpeedNews Magazine (where he details the technical aspects of do-it-yourself racing), his Beyond The Red Line column at (where he covers all things fast and shiny), his popular Racer Boy blog at (where he shows you how to legally risk your life with a car, a racing helmet, and $100), and ultimately, his successful novel Cadet Blues (which is about barely surviving a law enforcement academy). Click HERE to purchase a copy of Cadet Blues with free shipping.

Readers have been laughing and enjoying his writing for years. Without question, Rob has proven himself to be a true storyteller. Enjoy clicking through the Story Archives (there is a link at the top of this webpage) and get ready for a good laugh. You can also see some of his stories on his MuckRack page.

For information on Rob’s racing career (he is a National Champion road racer), check out the website from Double Nickel Nine Motorsports, where Rob signed on as a team driver.

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