Over the years, Rob has written hundreds of funny stories. His Man Overboard column in the Santa Maria Sun has been published over 400 times. But a few stand out as some of his favorites and below are just a sample. Click on the titles to jump to the stories.

God of Speed   Rob heads to the go-kart track… and gets kicked out.

The Many Adventures of Pita and Huha   Rob gives unflattering nicknames to his kids, who aren’t listening anyway.

Behind Door Number 2   Rob tackles potty training with a new dog, miserably.

Top Ten Things I Did While Contributing to Jalopnik   Rob looks back on his wild adventures racing and writing for Jalopnik.com.

25 Hours of Thunderhill – A Rum Diary   Rob takes readers through the insane 25 hour epic that is racing in the mighty 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Cadet Blues   Rob writes a tell all about surviving the California Highway Patrol Academy.